Ceramic Vessel Candle

Ceramic Vessel Candle


12 oz soy wax candles.

Available in 4 scents (as pictured):

Big Sur - Oakmoss, Pine, Citrus and Wood Smoke. Held in a matte black and matte bone white bottom vessel. 

Idyllwild - cederwood, sage, vetiver and citrus. Held in a glossy white vessel with a matte bone bottom. 

Leucadia - vanilla, orange and rosemary. Held in a white glossy white and matte bone vessel. 

Monhegan - sandalwood, tobacco and leather. Held in a black glossy glazed upper half and matte black vessel. 

80 hrs burn time and after use, the hollow container can be used as a cup, vase, toothbrush, pen holder etc. Our favorite house warming gift to give.

Hand poured candle and hand thrown ceramic vessel

Made in Encinitas, Ca

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By Norden Goods