Alana's Picks

 Alana wears our Ali Golden Notch Jacket, Silk V Neck Top, Vintage 501s and Osborn Studio Flats. All available at  maven  

Alana wears our Ali Golden Notch Jacket, Silk V Neck Top, Vintage 501s and Osborn Studio Flats. All available at maven 

Join us in welcoming this talented beauty to our team. When Alana is not traveling the world, speaking 3 languages or snapping film photos she is the smiling face you see at the shop and poised model in our product photos. We asked her to pick her favorites in the store. She shares why she is drawn to them below. 

Norden “Leucadia” candle

Don’t fear me if you find me at the shop freakishly cupping my hands around this glorious potion of orange, vanilla, rosemary, and cedarwood. I reminisce about the orange and vanilla popsicles I should have been given more as a child. Lucky me, it’s been encapsulated in a scent. The folks over at Norden knew exactly what they were doing when they decided to create the perfect combo of fruity and flowery notes. My only complaint is that it’s not edible.


Pansy Cotton Bras

Bliss. I’ve never come across any other cotton bralette that could provide the same support as these guys. I appreciate the simplicity in just slipping it on; without the traditional hook & eye closures and strap adjustments bras usually have. The long elastic band in the back gives it a very minimalist feel, and even manages to look elegant under low-back tops and dresses. I’ve become a definite fan of this brand.  Pansy has a very unique color selection in their line too – the rust colored bra, in particular, is my very favorite.


Soul Sunday Positive Seeds Lip + Skin Balm

This natural balm is imperative in my day-to-day beauty routine. I usually like to apply a little on my lips before going for a nude lipstick, but it even adds a subtle sheen when worn alone. The vanilla scent is subtle (I own “florence”) and the moisture exceptional. My lips feel so smooth afterwards and I’ve become completely addicted to it. The packaging is very cute as well.


Tidal Magazine

This publication feels more like paging a lookbook than an actual magazine. As someone who likes to dabble in photography, I’ve already drawn inspiration from the creative direction that has been featured in the few issues I’ve read. The outfits are very beautiful; and any source capable of combining unconventional fashion ensembles with brilliant execution has my automatic approval.

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