Maven Muse- Eden Hagos

 Photographed by Emily Poole  Eden wears  Side party James coat   and  Just female rock jeans

Photographed by Emily Poole

Eden wears Side party James coat
 and Just female rock jeans

Who is Eden Hagos?

I am an Eritrean-American DJ, producer  and all round creative. My sound is deeply rooted in underground hip hop, heavy percussions and future bass. I’ve been digging since my uncle gifted me my first Fugees/Lauryn Hill album at the tender age of 16.


My influences include an eclectic mix of local and international artists - a reflection of the rich cultures which have come to shape my identity. Above anything else, my goal is to connect people, educate and explore diversity through music.


My mixes have connected me to listeners across continents. My performances include Decibel festival, MEG festival, Women in Music Festival and Afropunk Brooklyn/London, just to name a few an I have worked with brands like Opening ceremony, Everlane, K-Swiss, Mac Cosmetics, Refinery29 and Aveda etc


When did you first start djing and what has the journey been like for you?

I have always been interested in music. During my teens, my uncle gifted me the Fugees album and that was the start. I was really inspired by that album and Lauryn Hill, as a woman and creative. In college, I started focusing on instrumental music, soundscapes and all those hard to describe sounds. I would spend hours looking up samples and instrumentals of my favourite songs and compile playlists on Youtube. After college I relocated back to San Diego, where I started hitting the beat scene. I learned how to dj/produce and started dropping mixtapes on social media/ different music platforms. The rest is history ...

 Eden wears  Baggu Lens bag

Eden wears Baggu Lens bag


I’ve seen many photos of you and your beautiful family via instagram.Why do you feel it’s important to use your platform to expose people to your heritage?

I represent different things to different people. I’m originally from Eritrea, when the war broke out my family fled to Sudan. A few years later we received political asylum and we immigrated to San Diego, California.


It is imperative to me that I use my platform to educate people on issues that I feel are important like gender equality, issues pertaining to Africa, immigration and funding for more music and arts related programs for youth. Ultimately I stand for greater representation of people of colour and women in music and technology.


Any projects that you are currently working ?

Lots! both music related and other non music related projects. Music is the main platform, which I use to give back/express myself. For example at the moment I’m involved in Urban Beats which is an state funded youth music studio that uses self expression to fight the stigma related to mental illness.


Where do you source your music selection from?

I source most of my music online through different platforms. I am always listening and exploring, especially via Soundcloud, Bandcamp and other music outlets in the US and internationally.


What type of feeling do you try to impart to listeners and attendees of your sets?

I really want my listeners to focus on my selections. I feel like my gift and what separates me from other DJs is my “ear” and the way I capture moments and memories through music. I spend a lot of time digging and searching. I make it a goal to try and educate as well as introduce new sounds to my listeners.


You recently tweeted, “women’s empowerment starts with how women treat other women”. Who are some of your strongest female bonds with?

I have a tight knit group of female friends that I’ve known since I was young. I’m also surrounded by inspiring mentors and advisors, in and out of the music industry who keep me grounded. I think it is especially important that in today's society women foster alliances and actively support one another.


You have a very strong visual identity which falls in line with your sound as a DJ. Why do you think it’s important to take pride in both your image and your sound?

I’m just being myself and I hope that shines through. I just try to cultivate and live an authentic life, as both an artist and human being.


One last thing….Do you currently have any favorite products from Maven?

My favorite would be the everyday oil.  Its a A blend of organic cold-pressed plant oils and steam-distilled essential oils. My skin and curls soak this up! And it smells amazing.


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