Katra's Picks

 Photo by Taylor Balding

Photo by Taylor Balding

Meet Katra Awad  a self-taught jewelry designer born in Southern California and raised traveling abroad through Mexico and Europe. A daughter to Egyptian and Hispanic parents inspired by her heritage, art design and love for humanity. She spends a great deal of time designing hand made wearable pieces, graphic prints and working internationally, finding creative space wherever she lands.


Golde Turmeric

When making a cup of Golde turmeric, the aroma it creates takes me back to the time I spent in India working with a group of women at a women’s center in Chennai where we made things and shared meals together daily. The scent is incredibly nostalgic for me. And what’s amazing is that it’s more than turmeric. The coconut and cardamom powder are incredibly comforting and gives me an extra boost of happiness. It’s more than good. I love it.


Public school book

Don’t laugh, but I keep a Public School Book under my pillow. I use it to sketch new jewelry designs, write nightly affirmations, and create random bursts of haiku's. But what makes it noteworthy  is knowing that 25% of the profits supports the arts in public schools, which is near and dear to my heart.



Comfort. This is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Pansy. The ultra-soft straps are really good on my back and I can wear it with everything. The products themselves are made ethically, which makes me feel comfortable wearing their brand. Also their branding is beautiful and shows that through the diverse colors and sizes. Pansy gives a lot of options for sizes, so all types of women can enjoy their bras.  


Cold- Picnic

When I look at Cold-picnic pieces, they feel more like art than rugs. Each one is intentional and I can see that through the conceptual, abstract patterns and colors. As an artist, I pay attention to those kind of things: the shape, space, and direction. And the quality is made to last. It’s incredibly beautiful and I can’t wait to put one up in my own home.


Moon Juice

Moon juice’s are custom blends of super herbs used in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Beauty dust is my favorite sachet of all and it fits perfectly into my morning ritual. Morning  self care rituals are essential for me. They keep me grounded and gets my day going no matter where I may be in the world. So to have a product that fits into that is really nice.