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 David + oscar of grand prestoz working on the mural in june, photo c/o grand prestoz instagram

David + oscar of grand prestoz working on the mural in june, photo c/o grand prestoz instagram

A few weeks ago we invited the boys of the creative duo, Grand Prestoz to paint a much-needed mural on our big white side wall. It's not the first time we've worked with these two crazy talented artists and it certainly won't be the last either. We got a chance to pick their brains and ask them a few questions below:

Where do you feel the most inspired? Is there a place in San Diego that you are always drawn to?

A lot of our inspiration comes from walking around and really just looking at everything, we like exploring. It's amazing how looking at pretty ordinary things that normally are not created to provide visual pleasure hold so much for us. But places we are usually drawn to for working on ideas and projects are Grant’s Marketplace, James Coffee Co, and Influx cafe.


 What is your go to playlist while painting?

Oscar: The funny thing is that we hardly listen to music while we paint on the jobsite. But when I do work at home or draw on my own time, the music I listen to is constantly changing. Right now it’s a lot of oldies and the mixes on

David: My go to music while I paint and work at home is usually by Canadian band Tops, anything from The Strokes and I love listening to Paul Mccartney.  


What is your favorite part about working together on these projects?

Oscar: Probably the best part of being able to work together on these types of projects with someone is the extra pair of eyes and constantly learning the different ways that we can work and share ideas. It's been a benefit to our advantage that I’m literally the left hand and David is the right hand of Grand Prestoz.


How did you come up with the mural and the colors for maven?

David: We were lucky to have Alex, Owner of Maven, contact us to have a mural painted and designed by us. Personally we are interested in all sorts of graphic paintings, and that worked well with the shop’s aesthetic. The colors were picked out and matched based on the Maven color palette in her branding. The mural design came about by me and oscar literally pushing and pulling shapes/colors on paper.


What is the process like for creating large-scale murals/paintings?

Oscar: Every single project we work on is pretty unique. We pride ourselves in not following cookie cutter methods that would seem like a copy and paste process. We like to think of the best ways to get a job done right no matter how big or small. But we do always keep at hand our measuring tools and a printed layout of what we hope to achieve.

We feel like San Diego is beginning to embrace more creative avenues and you both are at the forefront of that. How do you feel you fit in with the new scene and how are you trying to continue evolving?

David: We are really flattered to hear that. When we first started collaborating on projects back in 2012, we always talked about how we wished San Diego was more open to lending funds and open spaces for artwork. We jumped into this hoping we could stay consistent and eventually being able to paint the things we designed which is hard when people don’t think you can do it. We’re not sure how we fit in the new scene but we feel we are lucky to be able to offer the service of painting different artist’s work and also being able to offer our own personal work. We are down to work with anyone who’s pushing anything that is genuine and creative.  


Favorite place to grab a beer….

Oscar: One our favorite places to grab a beer was this place called the Tin Can, everything in that place was amazing, the aesthetic to the food, and the shows they used to throw. A while back, they revamped the place and now it’s called The Balboa Bar & Grill. Sadly, they don’t throw shows anymore but it’s still a fun place to go to. You can usually find us there during their happy hour.


8. Where are the best burritos/tacos in San Diego?

Burritos are kind of whatever, the competition never stops and it’s a gamble when you will find a good burrito, maybe that's just part of the game. but if you’re looking for the best fish tacos our choice would be the Marisco's food truck in the Target parking lot located in South Park.


9. What is the story behind the Grand Prestoz name?

Prestoz is derived from the word presto which means a successful completion of a trick, or suggesting that something has been done so easily that it seems to be magic. We liked that and decided to put Grand in front of it because our goal when we started was to do large scale things together.


10. Any advice for young aspiring artists?

Give up. Just kidding!, staying busy is very important. Doing whatever that you do the best way you can and on time. No matter how small the task is, try to do it the best way and people will notice. Also, if you’re interested in making a living off your talent then try to learn the business side of things. It will help tremendously.

11. What is your favorite part about collaborating with small local shops?

Our favorite part of being able to collaborate with small business is sometimes getting the chance of making strong connections and even long lasting friendships. We get to meet the people behind the ideas and see how and why they decided running on those ideas for a particular type of business. Plus, it’s fun running into your friends everytime you go buy a shirt or get a coffee.

 the finished product! so grateful to have this beautiful piece on our building 

the finished product! so grateful to have this beautiful piece on our building 

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