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Maven is girl crushin' on Lykke Wullf, we are very excited to be carrying this Los Angeles-based brand. Jemma Swatek grew up in Denmark and her designs are a blend of California and European culture, which makes a perfect balance for effortless, cool clothing. 

We asked the Lykke Wullf team a few questions about where they draw inspiration, what they jam out to, and who the ultimate "Lykke Wullf Girl" is in their mind. Swing by Maven and try on the dreamy sets we have in stock--trust us, you won't want to take them off once you try them on!


What was the inspiration for your Spring/Summer collection?


This collection was inspired by chic 90's fashion. Our designer, Jemma was really sick when designing and watching a lot of the show Friends haha. She woke up from a nap and said she had it all planned in her head. You'll notice some of the tv shows character names in our styles :)


What garment do you feel is underrated?

In the SS'17 Collection Maybe the Linen Dresses. They've been doing well, but we just think they're the best thing to throw on and wear all summer while still looking cute and comfortable.


Who is a Lykke Wullf girl? Who are you dressing when you design?

We are dressing girls who are cute and chic and want to feel comfortable doing so. Comfortable in the sense of how they fit on you and feeling confident you are investing in a sustainable, local product. Girls who decide to invest in a couple hand made, women owned, sustainable products rather than a bunch of junk from the mall. The Lykke Wullf girl cares about the environment, politics, music, art, fashion, and other women! 


In your eyes, what ties an outfit together?



How would you describe your personal style? What is your go-to outfit?

The Lykke Wullf team has a tendency to dress a little crazy. We keep our designs simple but like to dress it up with some fun shoes and earrings. Go to outfit right now would probably be the Dusty Overalls with any LW top because it's so cute and easy to throw on! 


What song makes you dance every time it comes on?

Pretty much anything by The Stones or Dolly Parton. 


What does a typical day look like for you?

Wake up, read the news, drink coffee, then head to the Lykke Wullf studio to hustle! 


Favorite place to eat in LA right now?

Probably Sage, such good vegan food! 


Anything exciting you'd like to share about the brand?

We are really growing right now so keep your eye out for fun projects and Fall/Winter '17, it's something we can not wait to share!!

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