Jazmine's Picks

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Meet Jazmine. Originally from LA, this eco-queen is passionate about spreading sustainability everywhere she goes. If she’s not busy running her blog, making time to watch the Handmaid’s tale, naming her 3 future cats, or getting her marketing degree from PLNU, you can now find her working in the shop. We are so excited to have her part of our team of women here at Maven.


I am a huge fan of anything that cuts down my use of plastic. Baggu’s bags are the perfect stylish solution to do just that. Their bags are high quality and are made to last. I have mesh Baggu and it’s perfect for when I stop by the grocery store to grab my weeks’ worth of fruits and veggies.


Bfgf’s brand is as beautiful as it is hilarious with their 90’s and modern motif mashup. To me it looks like it was created by a quirky, hip grandma. And since I aspire to be quirky, hip grandma, this brand is definitely one of my faves. I have been having my eye on the wwa pillow from them and would love to pair it with my navy blue modern couch… that I don’t have now, but maybe one day.


I probably wear my pansy bra way more than I should, but I can’t help it. Pansy’s products are so incredibly comfortable. Their bra is probably the only bra I wouldn’t mind sleeping in. Also, as a sustainability nerd, I was blown away after I realized that you can compost their products once they wear out because they are 100% cotton, including their elastic bands!

Everyday Oil

I’m so happy that everyday oil made a new batch oil, because my bottle is running low. Since they only create their oil in small batches and have a cult following, they had ran out of their products for a while. I know that other everyday oil fans and myself have been dying to get our hands on more oil because, as the name states, you will literally use it every day. I mainly use it for my cuticles when they get dry and scrunch it onto the tips of hair to keep them from breaking. Seriously a life saver.

Paloma wool

Paloma wool is pure art. I’m pretty sure half of my next paycheck will go toward buying a few of their pieces from their most recent collaboration with Alberta Riea. There is such a beautiful simplicity in his drawings and it pairs so nicely with Paloma wool’s aesthetic. A few of my friends have bought the Hotel sweater, and I think I might just join that club.