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Meet Olive, she grew up in the magical East Bay in Northern California (Fun fact-all three of us here at maven are from NorCal) Adores reading, debating, snuggling with her pup, Frida Kahlo, and drinking anything that has lavender in it. She's currently double majoring in Communications and Women’s Studies at San Diego State University. We are so excited to add her to our growing team of inspiring women! 

Below she tells us what she's crushing on in the shop and why:


All of Winden’s jewelry is beautifully delicate, yet still stands out. The babe necklace in gold makes my knees weak and my heart flutter. I don’t know if it is because it slightly reminds me of Carrie’s nameplate necklace from Sex and The City or because it exudes confidence in a “I am a babe and I can achieve anything today” kind of way. Lately I have been drawn to a lot of jewelers that are based in Brooklyn, but Winden is definitely my favorite. It seems like I am always drooling while staring at all their necklaces and earrings. 


One of my favorite things in Maven is the Private Parts bathmat by Cold Picnic. I am a sucker for anything with boobs on them and I adore the cartoonish depiction embroidered on these mats. Every morning when I step out of the shower I am delighted with the soft texture and they always seem to make me smile.  They are machine washable andhave a nonslip latex backing. 


I pretty much love anything that is made by Wary Meyers, but their Violet Pepper candle smells like a wonderful dream. The candles are created in Cumberland, Maine and the packaging is made from hundred percent-recycled paper and the glass container is made from recycled glass. I try really hard to only purchase things that are responsibly made and packaged. The aroma fills the room and makes you feel all warm and cuddly. 


LACAUSA ‘s pieces are always beautiful, ethically sourced and made, and based in Los Angeles. I can’t even begin to tell you how this shade of light pink makes me blush. When I slip this dress on I know it is going to be a great day. The satin feels like a cloud giving me a hug and the dress can easily be dressed up or down. Since it has been pretty cold recently I have been layering it with turtlenecks and other complementing shirts, along with a fun jacket, and some mules. 



Photo by Emily Poole 

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