Emily's Picks

                               Emily wears our Po-Em top and Juju Made balance necklace

                              Emily wears our Po-Em top and Juju Made balance necklace

Emily is a recent addition to the Maven team! This week she selected her favorite pieces in the shop and shares a bit about what she's swooning over... 


Wary Meyers Mainly Manly Candle

I picked out this candle long before I worked for Maven, when I was just an admiring neighbor who lived down the street. I completely fell in love with the scent. I have lived in a few houses with wood or peat burning stoves and when I smell the cedar and woodsmoke, it immediately brings me back to falling asleep in front of a fire after dinner. I burn it in the evenings after a long day and immediately feel relaxed. 


Factor Goods Wooden Spatula

Everything made by Facture's Aaron Fischer is so well crafted. Each utensil is simple and understated, but equally captivating. Every time I see or hold one of his pieces, I dream of making the perfect risotto or learning to whittle. I have never been so inspired by a spatula. 


Women Artist Magazine

As an artist I find this publication to be extremely valuable. I am constantly scouring the internet for artist talks and interviews because I really appreciate hearing other perspectives on making art, work ethic, and the variety of daily routines. Most of the interviews featured are artist to to artist, and woman to woman, which is pretty unique. It makes the dialogue that much more intimate and detailed. I love hearing the deeply personal nuts and bolts of an artists thinking behind their work. 

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