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We had the pleasure of shooting with this local gem a fews weeks back. here she answers some questions about her budding career, the choice to bravely jump into the unknown after college, and what it's been like to work in los angeles' competitive modeling arena. let's just say, we've got an inkling that this is just the beginning for this inspiring beauty.  

What made you pursue modeling? How long have you been modeling for?

i have been modeling since i was fairly young, maybe 7 or 8 years old.  i don't really know how it all started, i guess my parents got me signed up with a local agency. i really liked getting to dress up and take pictures but i was also pretty shy. i was getting sent to a lot of castings for commercials and i was too shy to act on camera and my parents would always have to take off work and pull me out of school to drive to la for jobs i wasn't getting. so i stopped modeling while i was going to school but knew it was something i wanted to be able to revisit later. just through word of mouth i got a few jobs while i was in college and more on my own schedule and it was still just as fun as i remembered so i  kept pursuing it. i found that once you put yourself out there and people know its something you like to do, they'll ask you to shoot with them or know other people who need a model and the opportunities will keep coming. the more people i worked with knew other people who wanted to work with me and that's kinda how it took off.  i started wondering if this was something i could actually do as a job full time. when i graduated in may i wasn't sure what i wanted to do career wise with my degree and figured i'd give modeling a shot while i'm still young and figuring things out. i worked really hard over the summer to stay shooting with photographers i've met, find jobs on my own, perfect my portfolio and was reaching out to agencies in la for representation and finally got signed last month. 


what about modeling interests you the most and why? what do you hope to ultimately accomplish with it?

i really love being able to work with so many different talented, creative people and watch everyone come together to create something beautiful. it's exciting to get the pictures back and to see how all the different elements (makeup, lighting, styling, etc) and people's hard work contributed to make them really cool. i've always been fascinated by fashion and thought it would be so cool to be a part of that industry somehow and modeling has definitely let me play a small part in that world so far. ultimately, i'm not sure what i want to accomplish with it. modeling has been a source of sort of inner conflict with me because i believe society's standards of beauty are unrealistically high and modeling can negatively reinforce those standards. i don't want to be part of the reason a middle school girl is starving herself.  i know some of the things i hated about myself and got teased about in middle school are things i love about myself now and are some of my best assets as a model. i think the industry is at a point right now where some of these standards are being challenged and you no longer have to strictly look a certain way or be a certain size to be successful. i hope i can help to further this movement in some way and empower other girls.

if you didn’t model, what would you do instead? what are some other aspirations you have?

if i didn't model, i honestly have no idea what i'd be doing. i just graduated from plnu in may with a degree in writing. i had no idea what i wanted to do so i took the opportunity to try out modeling. this modeling journey kind of feels like a gap year where i'm just exploring new things, a new city, meeting new people and just seeing where life takes me while i'm figuring out my long term goals. maybe someday i will write for a fashion magazine or blog or publish a book of my own creative writing but right now i'm just not sure. we'll see! i'm currently aspiring to move up to la in the spring so i can be closer to the work i've been doing.

who would be your dream photographer to shoot with? favorite designer?

ah! i don't know! i want to work with everyone haha. maybe petra collins? i really like a lot of the shoots she's done recently with kim kardashian and zendaya. 


hobbies/other interests ?

i write poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. i hope someday to do something with my creative writing, i just don't know exactly what right now.


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photography and creative direction by alana ocano

styling by alexandra hall


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